Pinterest Group Board Guide 2020

Are Pinterest Group Boards dead?

You might have heard that “Pinterest Group Boards don’t work anymore” or “Pinterest Group Boards are a waste of time” and “they can hurt your profile”. This might be true, but only for spammy boards. High quality boards still work and are still a powerful weapon to drive traffic to your blog.

Pinterest Group Boards still work in 2019

Marty Monero

You were probably a bit frustrated in the past when trying to get those precious invites to a majority of boards. Pingroupie was a bit too technical in nature and – while offering a lot of boards most of them were already inactive or full of spam, eventually just wasting your time. I have listened to your feedback and changed pingroupie completely. I increased the simplicity and gave it a bit of a “Pinterest Blogger Look”, with Montserrat and Lora as main fonts and a couple of colors you might recognize from other popular bloggers. So, I hope you feel just at home 🙂

(Don’t worry, this blog will get the same treatment soon).

You now have only one search field which will search through title and descriptions of group boards, eliminating the need to create complex queries. I have also removed the filter for Pinterest category, because nobody on Pinterest uses this anymore and rather searches for keywords. In fact, I think 50% of the boards have the category set to “None” or something completely generic, which helps nobody.

Moreover, I now track statistics of boards to see if they are gaining followers and collaborators which helps to eliminate inactive boards, preventing you from wasting time applying to dead boards.

And now comes the coolest part: the Pingroupie Score. If you miss “Average Repins” from the old version, don’t worry, the Score takes this into account and much more.

The Maximum Score is 100 and is calculated via a Top Secret Algorithm 😉

Here are the things that are incorporated into the Score:

  • Egoism Factor – Are users only pinning pins to their own domains?
  • Domain Variety – Do Pins always point to the same domains?
  • Follower Growth per Month
  • Collaborators per Month – Too many collaborators is often a sign for spam
  • Average Repins – Boards with lower engagement receive lower score
  • Request to Join Button – Way more conventient to apply

I hope this helps you to understand a little bit how it works under the hood. Questions, Feedback? Leave a comment here or contact me directly on Instagram @martymonero

Be aware that the Algorithm is still in beta, and there still might be some inactive or spammy boards in between, but as I track more and more statistics the boards will get better and better.

I am planning to give Pingroupie a more personal feel and will extend this blog soon with helpful posts. Want to support me? Share this Article on Social Media, Post on your Blog about it or get the awesome Tailwind Scheduling Tool 😉

2 Replies to “Pinterest Group Board Guide 2020”

  1. Marty, thank you for improving your website!

    The biggest problem with applying to the group boards is finding the place where you can actually apply. Very few owners have special pages and, probably, only 10% or so reply or accept applications. It’s a huge waste of time.

    How about compiling a special database of serious group board owners who are willing to provide their boards’ info and acceptance conditions for potential applicants?

    Your website would be perfect for this purpose.
    Group board owners would register by providing their information and then the applicants will have an application form to fill. This way your website will be way more helpful.

    Please, contact me if you’re interested to discuss the details.
    I have other ideas as well.

    1. Thanks for this comment. To be honest , this is something I had in mind for quite a long time: Turning more into a market place, where Board Owners can find contributors and vice versa. Your comment is quite the motivation to reconsider this and get to work 🙂 Thanks!

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